Saturday, 25 June 2011

Long time since I posted but HELLO :)

Hello my friends and hope you are all well.

As you can all see it's been rather a long time since I posted but there have been very good reasons as to why. I won't go into great detail but due to personal issues and health problems and lots of treatment and surgery I wasn't up to posting or doing any crafting. I am pleased to announce that the surgery went well and the treatment is now complete. As for the personal issues they are just about solved and I am so much happier. The past couple of days I've even taken to looking up what my favourite bloggers have been up to and this has inspired me to start thinking about projects I would like to undertake myself. Maybe my crafting mojo is returning???

I haven't made firm plans on when I will sit down and craft as tiredness overcomes me suddenly and I'm just going with what my body tells me I need to do. I have however managed to think about one particular project I would like to start within the next week or so - teachers thank you gift for my youngest daughter's teacher. Annabel has a fantastic teacher who has provided not only support for her during this testing time but also supported me which has been fantastic so an extra special gift is something I need to think about.

At present I am not currently a Stampin Up Demonstrator but watch this space as in a few months time I do plan on returning to Stampin Up. In the meantime if anyone would like to order anything from Stampin Up please contact me and I can hopefully put you in contact with someone who can help. I will of course keep you all informed of when I do return.

I am also now living in Devon - a very beautiful part of the UK. I have been here since January and very slowly it's starting to feel like home so returning to Stampin Up will hopefully provide me with the opportunity to meet new people and share my enthusiasm for crafting with others.

Hopefully I will be able to post once a week until I feel up to more and I will try and post at least one project a week - not only will this be lovely to share with you all but it will help me focus on something and help me relax whilst recovering.

Happy Crafting everyone and looking forward to getting back to what I started last year :)

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